Tuesday Update

 March 24, 2020

Good afternoon folks!

We’re working on new ways to connect that will be meaningful and accessible.

This Thursday, you are invited to join the pastors for an online chat. We’ll be using the Zoom app, which you can download at zoom.us. Look for the “resources” link and choose “download Zoom client.” Please contact one of the pastors if you need any assistance with this. The meeting ID number will be 465 258 314.

People are continuing to share their gifts. Last week, Kristen Braun reached out and offered to provide music for the kids, and at least one Sunday School teacher e-mailed their students with a personal message! Many of you are checking in with your friends and family to help ease the isolation. Gifts of care are circulating around this community!

As we settle in for a longer season of physical distance, we’re now working to put together a “tech team.” If you are the official or unofficial tech support in your family or workplace, and would like to share your gifts with the church, please contact one of the pastors. You may be able to help members of our community create accounts, download apps, access websites, or join online meetings. Caring takes many forms!