The unpassable cup overflows – Paul Cumin

 March 24, 2019

Text: Luke 22.39-46

There are cups we’d like to overflow and others we’d prefer to let pass. But what if these cups are not two different options to choose between but just one and the same possibility? The full and abundant life promised to followers of Jesus is not about fulfilling our own tastes and preferences but about giving ourselves completely in love for God and one another.

N.B. Some of our Jr. High youth will lead us in worship this Sunday. Youth: don’t feel constricted by the theme. Please enjoy this chance to contribute to our service however you see fit.

“man is in fact nailed down — like Christ on the Cross — to a grid of paradoxes . . . he balances between the torment of not knowing his mission and the joy of carrying it out, between nothingness and meaningfulness. And like Christ, he is in fact victorious by virtue of his defeats.” ~ Vaclav Havel