Notice of Annual General Meeting

 April 26, 2020

Hello Lendrum Church Family,

It might be too soon to say we’ve all adjusted to the realities of the current situation, but hopefully everyone is staying healthy and safe. One item of adjustment that we now need to consider is our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM). Under the current restrictions on gathering sizes, the board has developed a procedure for conducting the AGM online.

The format will involve a live video meeting platform that you can connect to from your personal computer in the comfort of your home. There is also the option to listen and interact by phone only. The online video will allow you to see the presenters, the reports, and other congregational participants. You will also be able to make comments and ask questions in real-time by talking or by typing.

The presenters will deliver report highlights, respond to any questions, conduct nominations, and most of the items we normally do as part of our AGM. Affirmation of single candidate positions will be done verbally. If a vote count is required, this will be completed using the online platform’s built-in polling system. We will strive to keep the material covered in reasonably-sized portions with appropriate recesses.

All board and pastor reports will be sent via email by April 12 for your review. Please review these carefully prior to the AGM, as they will not be presented in full. While live engagement is possible during the meeting, due to the constraints of the online platform, we request that questions and comments for the pastors, moderator and commission chairs be submitted prior to the AGM if possible. Please send your questions or comments by email to the moderator. I will ensure the correct person or committee receives your message. Responses will be provided during the live presentations.

Schedule for AGM Part 1:

April 26 Segment 1 6:00-7:00
Recess 7:00-7:15
Segment 2 7:15-8:00
May 3 Segment 3 (if required) 6:00-6:45

We understand that the AGM is a time where we gather and discern issues for the future of our church. However, due to the current health and safety conditions, motions pertaining to AGM Part 1 issues may be postponed to AGM Part 2 or another congregational meeting.

Currently, the board has not made any decisions for AGM Part 2 (Finance and Budget), currently set for June 14. It is our hope that conditions will have improved by this time, and the restrictions on the size of gatherings will be lifted. The board will discuss this in May and will advise of any changes to the format for that meeting.

There may be those that have limited online access, or other barriers to this method of meeting and communicating. We will attempt to remove these barriers where possible so that those that wish to participate are able to do so. Please contact me or the church office if you require accommodation or assistance.

If you have any questions about the modified AGM at this time, please feel free contact me.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Derek Giesbrecht, Moderator
Lendrum Mennonite Church