LMC Kids Ministry 2020-2021

 September 4, 2020

Things have changed a lot in the past 7 months (which feels like the understatement of 2020!). Given the current state of COVID-19, our church isn’t ready to return to full, in-person, programming for our kids. So, here is the

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Our Annual General Meeting will resume this Sunday at 7:00 pm. So that we can begin on time, please join the Zoom meeting between 6:40 and 6:55 pm. Meeting ID: 655 825 634 Direct link: Phone: 1.587.328.1099

Thank you to all who joined our online AGM on Sunday night. As a result of the elections, the members of the LMC Board for 2020-21 will be: Moderator: George Fitzsimmons Past Moderator: Derek Giesbrecht Moderator Elect: (blank) Treasurer: Harry

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Hello Lendrum Church Family, It might be too soon to say we’ve all adjusted to the realities of the current situation, but hopefully everyone is staying healthy and safe. One item of adjustment that we now need to consider is

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… from your friends on the Nominations Committee “We trust that everyone is sheltering at home, in peace and in safety. While these ‘interesting’ times can present us with rare opportunities for

Who you gonna call?

 March 27, 2020

By Kevin Guenther Trautwein * This article originally appeared in the January 2020 edition of Lendrum GraceNotes. In our busy modern world— a world where the gig economy can provide your meals, your shelter, and anything you may need— what

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