8th Annual Mennonite Heritage Picnic

 August 1, 2015


It is good to look back at ones national, cultural and religious heritage from time to time. With the Mennonite Heritage Picnic we wish to commemorate and explore the Mennonite tradition. While we recognize the various branches of the Anabaptist tree we seek to celebrate and ponder the commonality that exists among us. Whether you are a first generation Mennonite, trace your roots to the Reformation 500 years ago or simply interested in the Mennonite culture, you are welcome! Please contact the church office for directions to Anchor L Ranch.


11 am gates open, registration

12 – 2 pm lunch (roast beef, farmer sausage, beans, and coleslaw)

afternoon wagon rides, garden tours, berry picking, petting zoo

4 – 5 pm faspa, watermelon, rollkuchen, platz


Donations are accepted to help cover costs.