January 8, 2012

 January 1, 1970


Tell it Slant : Jesus  in His Stories


Matthew 13:34-35 | 2 Timothy 3:1-7


“Bad news; we are losing are ability to listen and to speak. Good news; Jesus came not only to resurrect souls but to resurrect our ears, language and ultimately our entire universe. This Sunday we begin our journey alongside Jesus as He travels through hostile Samaria going from Galilee to Jerusalem in what is refereed to as His Travel Narratives. It is never too early to prepare for Easter.”


Coffee and Sunday School at 11:15. All are welcome!


A helpful guide to the next few months alongside reading (and re-reading) Luke 9;51-19:27 is Eugene Petersons “Tell It Slant: A conversation on the language of Jesus in His stories and prayers. Find it here.