I’m New


Coming to a new church can be an intimidating experience! We want to make your first experiences of Lendrum stress-free, even warmly inviting. Here are some questions you may have as you come to Lendrum for the first time – click on the link for an answer:


[section=How do people dress?]


You’ll find that people dress in everything from shorts and tee-shirts to jackets and ties, and from jeans to dresses. Most people will be dressed anywhere from “dressy casual” to semi-formal.[endsection]


[section=What happens before the worship service?]


As you enter the main church doors on the south side of the building, you’ll enter the main foyer. Here you’ll probably see people in conversation, catching up with friends on the news of the past few days. You’ll be greeted by someone who may ask about you and offer you a church bulletin, a sort of worship service program and church newsletter combined.


If you wish, you may stay in the foyer and chat, perhaps pausing to check out the open courtyard to the north of the foyer. Or, you may wish to go immediately into the sanctuary to get a seat for the worship service. The sanctuary is on the east side of the foyer, to the right after you come in the front doors. You may sit in the lower section, accessed through the doors to the left, or you may sit in the balcony, accessed by stairs going up to the right. Feel free to sit anywhere you like.

[endsection] [section=What is the worship service like?]


The worship service begins promptly at 10:00 a.m. in the sanctuary. Before the service you’ll hear a musical prelude, usually either on the organ or the piano. Then a worship leader will stand up at the front and welcome everyone, inviting us to worship God together. The service will then follow as listed on the bulletin.


Each service is a little different. There will always be music, including a few songs from the hymnal or black folder in the pew in front of you, or projected up on the screen at the front. The musical style can change from week to week: sometimes it will simply be the song leader and the organ or piano, while other times it may include several different instruments or singers; sometimes it will be all older hymns, while other times it will include several more contemporary choruses. The service will include a time of prayer, normally led by the worship leader as he or she prays for the needs of the people in the church and our world. There will also be an offering, a time when people can give money to the church to support the church’s ministry. You may contribute if you’d like, but as a newcomer and guest you mustn’t feel obligated to do so. And there will always be a sermon, providing teaching and encouragement for us in living out our Christian faith.


The service will end with the worship leader praying a benediction, or prayer of blessing, followed by a short musical postlude, again usually on the organ or the piano.



[section=What happens after the worship service?]


Once the worship service is over, you will again find people mingling in the sanctuary or the foyer, engaged in conversation, catching up on each other’s lives. Someone may well come up to you, introduce themselves, and ask about you. If you’d like, you can talk to one of the pastors – they’d love to meet you.[endsection]


[section=What about Sunday school?]


During the school year, we have an hour of Sunday school starting at 11:15 a.m. for all ages in various places throughout the church building. This provides a further time of teaching and encouragement in living out our Christian faith. Feel free to attend one of these classes if you wish, for yourself or your children. And don’t hesitate to ask one of the ushers or pastors or someone else from the church to help you find the classroom you’re looking for.[endsection]


If you have any further questions or concerns about what to expect at Lendrum or your initial experiences of the church, please contact us at the church office.