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Candlelight Christmas Eve Service


Celebrate Christmas with an evening of singing and candlelight at 6:30 pm.

AIR: BREATH OF GOD Thanksgiving Service 2018




There is no Sunday School on this day. All are invited to attend the Thanksgiving Lunch in Fellowship Hall after the Service.

On this special week, we are prepared to receive new members into our congregation. We will invite them each to share a little bit about how God has worked in their lives. Please come ready to encourage them, even as they encourage and bless us.

Living Stones: Ethnicity and Identity as God’s Holy People


Speaker: Michael VandenEnden

Scripture: 1 Peter 2:1-10


At a time when Canada celebrates 150 years since Confederation, the Epistle of 1 Peter reminds Christians that their truest “national” and “ethnic” identity is with the people of God.  This sermon explores contemporary issues related to the call to be God’s people in the world, and challenges the listener to embrace the their faith identity in all spheres of life.

Principled Living the Jesus Way; The Principle of Security


Speaker: Henry Janzen


Text: James 3:1-18


What spiritual principles should guide our choices in life? What is the compass by which we make day to day decisions? Jesus said that in order to follow him we must be willing to sacrifice even family and family events.


The message will focus on the first of four principles by which all Christians should make decisions in life….the principle of security. Jesus and other biblical writers said that we should be careful in our words. Today’s message will show how we can do that in everyday situations.


What To Expect in Upcoming Sermons – February 21, 28 & March 6

Are you considering whether to make a commitment to Christ?

Do you wonder what baptism is all about?

Are you wanting to learn more about what it means to be a Christian before you make that step?

We will be running a short series of Faith Exploration sessions starting in March.

We hope you can join us.  Talk to Carol if you are interested.

20th Annual Pancake Breakfast

Come meet the neighbours, enjoy a free breakfast, and be entertained. There is fun planned for the whole family. Including live music, face painting, and a jumpy castle. We looking forward to visiting with you!


9:00 am – 11:30 am

Lendrum Church parking lot

Event held rain or shine