Annual General Meeting – part 2

 June 14, 2020

Our Annual General Meeting will resume this Sunday at 7:00 pm. So that we can begin on time, please join the Zoom meeting between 6:40 and 6:55 pm.

Meeting ID: 655 825 634
Direct link:
Phone: 1.587.328.1099

Instructions for the Annual General Meeting

AGM Part 2 on June 14, 2020 will be conducted similarly to our established in-person meetings, and similar to our virtual meeting in April. To ensure the integrity of the meeting, additional efforts will be made at the start of the meeting with respect to participant identification. Please be sure to read through the points of order below.

For AGM Part 2 the board has appointed two facilitators that will serve as hosts as well as the ballot team. At the start of the meeting, once you have requested admittance to the meeting through the Zoom link, you will enter the “waiting room”, where a facilitator will see your name, and admit you. Please ensure your name is properly displayed according to the naming convention stated below. Participants without the correct naming convention will be admitted to the meeting, and will be given the opportunity to modify the displayed name. Some technical assistance to complete this will be provided by the meeting facilitators at the start of the meeting, but the responsibility to complete this requirement remains with the meeting participant. To ensure this process is completed in a timely manner, you may request admittance to the meeting starting at 6:40pm. While admittance will be accepted and reviewed throughout the meeting, we request that all attendees be in the waiting room by 6:55. The meeting is scheduled to start at 7:00.

AGM Part 2 Points of Order

  • All who consider LMC their church home may comment and vote.
  • All members of the Board must be church members.
  • All who consider LMC their church home but are not members may serve on any of the Commissions.
  • Nominee consent must be obtained.
  • Speakers must address the Chair.
  • Remarks shall be confined to the motion under discussion.
  • No one shall speak twice to a question as long as others who have not spoken wish to have the floor.

Virtual Meeting Points of Order

  • All participants must identity themselves using their full name on their video identifier, in the format First Name Last Name i.e. “Jane Smith”.
  • To protect the integrity of the meeting, all participants must be identified and confirmed by the facilitators.
  • Use of video is encouraged for all participants.
  • For those who choose to participate without video, or via teleconference, adequate identification must be made to the meeting facilitators.
  • Voting will be completed on “One vote per device” basis. Please make plans to have individual devices available if you are eligible and wish to vote.